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Warranties are an important aspect of our business.

We must make sure that repairs are done to the highest standard, and that is why we offer a lifetime warranty on our work
Insurance companies require us to give a three year warranty on work - that’s where we come into the scenario where if we’ve got to do a warranty, then we can’t be doing anything that we shouldn’t be doing because it will come back to bite you (or us) later on.
There are some limitations on what insurance companies will require. Insurance companies can’t force you to repair a panel if it’s not feasible to repair it safety-wise. In these circumstances the panel beater and the insurance company will have some discussion about where liability sits.
In addition to mandated warranties, we also place a lot of value on our work. We stand by our work 100%, and are experienced enough to know when to push back on an insurer if they want us to do work that we know can’t be safely covered for repair. In these cases we will have that discussion with your insurer so that in the long run you can rest easy knowing that your car is being taken care of.
Many insurance companies have an obligation to restore your car to “pre-accident damage”. This is valuable to know so that you understand where liability sits in the event of repair.
As a policyholder, the insurance company has signed an agreement that they will return the car to pre-accident damage. Collision Repair specialists act in the interests of the policyholder, because their neck is on the line.
You can take comfort in knowing that work we do as part of insurance is protected by warranty - either from us or in certain circumstances from the insurance company themselves. Insurance companies understand this and so they prefer to partner with companies that they know they can work with and trust to a reliable standard.
In this day and age it would be silly not to have insurance, even a minimum of third party insurance, because it won’t cover their vehicle in an accident caused by you, but if somebody rear-ends them and they don’t have insurance then their insurance will cover that vehicle, as long as it’s feasible to repair it. So it is one of those situations where it could be a $100,000 Mercedes that you hit, your car’s not covered, but at least you’re covered for the Mercedes and you won’t get a bill from the insurance company of the other vehicle demanding that you spend $20,000 to repair.


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