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Cost Breakdown and Process

We breakdown price on all our services

Collision repair and panel beating come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s not always possible to estimate in advance what kind of cost will be associated with each project. But depending on a range of factors, such as insurance options, quality or state of the vehicle, or budget, we can give you two or three options that you can choose from depending on your needs. Along the way we can also add value by educating you and clarifying for you where your money is being spent.
Our number one focus is your happiness as a customer, and this can often include exploring a range of options that are suitable in your particular circumstances
We can provide you with detailed costings on your repair job, with descriptions and breakdowns per item. More importantly, we can help to walk you through our process before you commit to a repair, so that you understand how we are going to work. Total transparency is important to our business.

Why total transparency is important to our customers

On many occasions the project will depend entirely on what sort of budget the customer is going for. We can still service the people who don’t have as much money, do less of a job, and just focus on doing the basics or what is required. For some people quality is important, and the most important factor is in retaining value in the vehicle for resale. Resale value can be seriously affected by the quality of the paint job or the panel beating that has been completed in the past.
Somebody who pulls up in a new Mercedes will probably want something different from someone who arrive in a more basic model. They may want a job with more labour and more detail, rather than a simple repair to get them through their warrant of fitness. So we can cost the project differently and finish the project differently depending on what the realistic requirements of the job is and what their budget is. What this means is that customer wins, getting a high quality finish to their vehicle, but isn’t deeply out of pocket as a result.
What matters at the end of the day is customer service, and giving the customer enough information to know they are getting great value. Some people who engage panel beaters for the first time have a fear that they will end up paying too much for a job. We are firm believers in word of mouth and so for that reason we make sure that the customer is happy with the quote and understands why we’ve quoted what we’ve quoted.
Giving a customer options also helps us to fulfill our obligations as warranty providers.
Other panel beaters sometimes don’t go to that length of explaining the process and giving customers different options. I can’t comment on whether or not this is the right way to do things, but I know that for us it is important, because customer education is paramount and that way people can have some faith in us, knowing that they haven’t been stung, and pass on great word of mouth for other people to use us.
We focus a lot on educating our customers because we think it leads to great word of mouth. If the customer can understand the process then they are much more likely to use us again in the future and recommend us to others.

Our Process

Our process is ultimately very customer centric. Below is an example of how we might work:
Say for instance - if you require a rust job to complete your warrant of fitness, we can do everything from start to stop, depending on what you want done, or just do the bare minimum that is required to gain the warrant of fitness.
For each job we focus on three things:
1)Making the customer aware of their options
2)Providing detailed breakdown of the costing of options
3)Explaining their options where applicable
Even if you drive a $100,000 Mercedes it is sometimes worthwhile to have these options so you can make the right choice. Generally you wouldn’t try to downgrade a job depending on what car it is, but people appreciate having options. For more expensive vehicles, trust is especially important, and you wouldn’t try to downgrade a job just to save a few dollars. For some customers who don’t have a lot of money to spend however, budget may be the first concern, and we’ve won a lot of jobs that way through giving customers options.


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