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Pickup and Delivery

We can help you with the simple logistics of picking up your car, whether it’s outside of working hours or even on Saturdays

One part of panel beating that people often overlook is the simple logistics of picking up your car. Not every person can manage a pickup time within working hours - for busy professionals this just doesn’t suit - so we work around you to give you some flexible options that can fit into your calendar.
In a pinch, we can arrange to deliver your car to your place of work or business. We can also arrange for you to view or collect your car after 5pm. (We generally work from 8am until 6.30pm).
We also have 5 loan cars available so that if you require a replacement car as part of your service, you can simply talk to us about loan car availability to help you manage your private transport through the week.

We go the extra mile to make your vehicle available for pickup after hours or by arrangement.

Body = We recognise that not all customers are available during ordinary working hours to view or collect their vehicle. We have options in place to help customers who are not available during standard working hours of 9am until 5pm. This includes
●Delivering your car to a particular place or at your place of business (within reason!)
●Early collection or evening collection - we are generally here from 8am until 6 or 6.30pm
●Saturday collection
●Outside of ordinary working hours if required
If a customer can’t make it to us, we will arrange a time to be here and meet them at a particular place or go see them at their business (within reason!). If you can’t make it here between 9am until 5pm, we’re open here usually from 8am until 6 or 6.30pm. We can also arrange for pick up by appointment. And if you need a lift to the train station, that’s no problem either!
It’s just part of our commitment to going out of our way to providing you with a top quality professional service.
In addition to after hours’ pick up, we can also arrange viewings by appointment, and also open sometimes on Saturday mornings. That’s quite good for customers who may have a busy work life, or too many commitments with the kids.
We work with you to give you the flexibility you need to work around your working hours, including pickup or vehicle viewing by appointment or on Saturdays.


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