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Small Repairs and Additional Services

Wheel Alignment Services for Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt & Wellington

We can assist with Wheel Alignment services so that you can get on your way again with minimal fuss. We also have replacement vehicles if you need help with transport.
Wheel Alignment Services for Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt & Wellington
If the car has had a ding in the wheel, then we need to make sure that the wheel alignment is right. If the insurance won’t tell us that we’ve got to go and get a wheel alignment, then it’s on us to do that. If we don’t submit a quote on a wheel alignment and there’s a problem with the wheel down the track, then it will come back to us.

Affordable Panel Beating and Collision Repairs Estimates - Enquire Now

When pricing a project for panel beating or crash repair, our total focus is to educate you fully and give you the best range of options, depending on your needs and your budget.
Our key focus on panel beating repairs is to provide you as the customer with the best possible options regardless of your budget. If you come to us with a particular budget in mind, we can take a look at the job and see if we can work within those parameters.
Different customers will have different expectations on the amount of work to be done. The amount of work that we do on a Mercedes Benz that the customer wants to preserve the resale value on will often be different for repairs on a more basic model with a more limited budget.
Another question is whether insurance is available, and whether making a claim on insurance actually suits a customer’s situation. While we encourage customers to make use of insurance where possible, there may be situations where customers don’t want to make a claim, simply because they don’t want to lose their No Claims Bonus with their insurer. While working outside of insurance is never ideal, the reality is that some jobs come our way that have these requirements, and when they arrive there are still options we can offer, provided that the customer understands and is willing to make the trade-off.

Let us help you with your basic 5 minute repair job

For basic 5 minute jobs, it comes back to customer relationships. If the person is one of those customers who I see as a good asset to us, I will sometimes do a 5 minute job and say - see you later, no charge. 5 minutes of my time is a good investment to see a happy customer because they’ll remember that and will likely come back to us in the future.
I could turn around and sting them $50 or whatever it may be, and if I did so I’d probably be a rich man, but it’s just not worth it in the long run when our focus is solely on maintaining a business based on strong customer relationships and growing our business through word of mouth.
Some examples of the work we may do for free are:
●If the bumper’s come off and just needs to be reattached.
●If the car has a few marks on it
●We can re-attach the bumper and then do things as they are required.
Keep in mind that it will depend on the circumstances - every job is different - and some jobs may look simple on the surface but actually require a lot of work. Where this is the case we will be upfront with you and notify you in advance.
Even where a job is being done for free, we will still make an effort to keep you informed and walk you through the process.
With another panel beater, a customer might never know that they’ve been overcharged. At the end of the day we could all overcharge our customers, but we’re in it for the long term so we provide good value and ongoing service based on relationships.


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